RIP Olivia Newton-John

“RIP Olivia Newton-John” – 8/09/22

We never met her but didn’t it feel like we all knew her?

She was the most beautiful, glamorous, talented
Her blond svelteness belied her comic brilliance
An ingenue full of surprises owning her power always

At a certain apex it was obvious she was unicornesque no need
“To believe” self-evident Solid Gold Grease Xanadu Physical
Owning a particular extended moment to the point where

Her presence in my young mind became synonymous with
Entertainment I think as a singer she may have been underrated
Like Marilyn perhaps her grace & how easy she made it all look

Distracted from her abilities such is the risk of being preternaturally
Iconic but most importantly she used her celebrity to cast light
On the most personal and universal helping innumerable people

Generous, resilient, focused, a visionary she made a difference
Turning, as the saying goes, poison into medicine refusing
To be constrained by circumstance’s cruelty always underlining

Work to be done her own follow-spot cemented a kind of halo
Status not for any reason other than rare, consistent substance
What more can a gifted woman give than her heartfelt effort, time

And persistence hit songs hailed friendships roller-disco
Reverberations around the globe elegance cheekiness
The leg warmers the excellence a composite of everything

Wonderful in song, dance and classic sex appeal smart real
Dedicated, beloved, determined, an educator, leader, entrepreneur
Groundbreaking, record-breaking, genre-defying, anti-diva

Girl next door-gone-rogue, polished, irrepressible attitude
Disciplined, daring, uplifting, positive, undeniably legendary
Her first name an eventual synonym for exemplary humanitarian

Cancer could never dim her glow around the world through
Every transparent challenge faced she reproved her commitment
To do good amidst illness’ reared head holy is the woman

Who raises others up at every turn championing as she did
The ability of every person on this planet to become less cynical
To love less doubtfully, as playfully as seriously, shimmering soulfully