Cousin Mel
"Cousin Mel" - 6/8/21
I remember being a little girl in what seemed 
Like your great big house but your house
Nonetheless felt warm and cozy
Every room was filled with love and learning
Yours was the intellectual family
Ours was the artsy one at least
That's how it felt to me in your presence
At that age when all I wanted was to keep up
The first questions usually involved
Books - who are you reading lately -
Or how is school going or let me ask 
You this question...and there was always
Some kind of riddle or problem to be solved
But not the kind of problem that created stress
Only smiles as wide as ours when we played 
Games before or after Thanksgiving meals
That felt like something out of a movie 
Every dish delish nothing too formal
We were always overdressed 
(Our mom being Southern) 
You were the first cousin as I recall
To hear me play in your hometown
You came unprompted, un-nudged reached out
Even in your elder years to let me know 
You would be there and we'd kibitz before 
Sometimes over dinner you'd revel in your love
Of classical music we shared that bond
But mainly what I adored most about you
Was that you were brilliantly fun it was your
Resting face to smile and your disposition
To love to ask questions to share knowledge
To be generous to be warm and you exuded
Kindness you reminded me of an older version
Of my own Dad in many ways laughing eyes
Loving a great joke a mental challenge 
Supporting the arts being a wonderful father
I will miss you but am grateful for every holiday
Boston was only a city I cared about visiting
Because you and your family made me feel
Welcome like another daughter those days
We gathered together mishpuchah-blessed
Were the brightest, kvell-worthy memorable best