"grace" - 1/24/20
If I do not choose to capitalize your name tonight
Let it be because you are a part of a special coven
Of creative witches I know to have deemed themselves simarly stylized
And in my affection for you, as with ani (lowercase) d. 
Or the great e.e. I know my faith in your reverence 
Of beautiful art is soul-secure
I know this not because your voice is beautiful (which of course it is)
Nor because so many others adore you (as they do)
Neither am I sure of your worthiness from your work ethic alone (though it is laudible)
I could not either have been certain purely upon the basis of reputation,
Recommendation, inspiration or fascination
(Though in scintillating conversation you surely are likely to excel)
If I do not choose to frame your photo tonight
Let it be because you are part of a special order
Of anti-bitches I've been invited to dream alongside ideas into a paradigm
And in my protection of your talent, as with Loretta
Or the great Patsy I know instinct runs parallel 
To your compassionate heart still but not unduly pure
I share this not because your mission is altruism (which of course it's rarely)
Nor because so many others admire you (as they do rightfully)
Neither am I sure of your ambition from your admission alone (though it is palpable)
I could not either have been certain solely on the basis of marketability, 
Package-ability, accessibility or sensibility
(Though in popularity you surely are potentially a winner)
I knew because like your name, you are gracious as well as wise, 
Humble as well as strong, generous as well as hungry for truth
Like your name you offer before being asked, 
Ask a million questions when you do not know, 
Offer solutions even when they are not required 
And pave pathways in your own snow
For all of these reasons and more, 
I have committed to support you like a marriage of the minds, 
In which both our wings align to help the Goddess scale new heights
Like a carriage in the dark your courage and resourcefulness
Made all the more fortified 
By our collective reading of the stars