"Acrylic" - 12/31/19
Pouring out paint onto a paper plate
Squeezing tubes of shiny potential nuance
Reflecting on the idea of stillness 
Rejecting what's new in favor of what's constant
A brush picks up only as much as you let it
You guide it with your acumen or intended recklessness
The canvas meets you in the middle anticipating purpose
But what if purpose falls short of your expectation?
It's a question I ask less and less but it still arises
Time is of the essence but the sun so far rises
Silence glimmers but conversation shimmers
Listening to others is far more interesting than ruminating
Nonetheless I am content to be safe and warm
Safety comes in so many forms but gratitude has been
The most comforting companion these last 12 months
As much as it may retreat and then renew the view, oh the view!