Morgan Sage is the young figure skater who starred in the "Blue Sky Days" music video. Here is an interview she did just prior to the video's release.

You may also watch the video version of this interview HERE.

1. What was it like making your first video? Which parts were most fun and which were most challenging?

It was so much fun. Everyone was being so nice to me and taking care of me. I met a bunch of great people. It was much fun because we all laughed and I got to act. And there were cameras in places I didn’t know there could be! It was so fun being the center of attention, too! The hardest part was that it was freezing cold and I was on the ice for 5 hours- with a sleeveless dress. That rink is a cold rink!!! Also, I am used to skating to much shorter songs for our routines, so I had to improvise and I got tired.

2. What was it that first made you want to skate?

It would HAVE to be the dress! My friend Lily was on a synchronized skating team and wore pretty skating dresses and I wanted to be like her! I wanted pretty dresses too!

3. What’s your practice routine?

First, off ice, i stretch my back and do splits for flexibility. I do practice spirals and Biellmann. Then on ice I warm up by doing cross rolls jump swizzled, power pulls - and some big long stroking. Power three turns and rockers. I usually go through my moves in the field test three times, then I do the same for all of my jumps and spins and then I practice my synchro routine 3 or 4 times. I also practice my freestyle routine 3 times all the way through.

4. Do you have a coach?

Yes I have many! Emily is My moves Coach, teresa is my freestyle coach, Sarah coaches me for synchro, and Andrey and Victoriya are for ice Dance and Linda is for ballet!

5. What favorite musical artists and specific songs do you like to skate to?

I love the new musical SIX which I was going to see on Broadway before Coronavirus. Also, I like to skate to happy jazz and lyrical! I don’t have one favorite but I love songs that make me feel and make me want to dance and skate.

6. Have you ever wanted to just give up, and if so, what helped you recommit to it?

Yes I have! There was a time when I was 7 and I had to do a skating team line twice - everyone except three of us moved up! I just thought about working hard and that if I kept at it, I would catch up and I did!

7. Who are some of your favorite skaters and why?

Alysa Liu is my favorite because she is young but works hard to achieve her goals. Her expression and extension are flawless! I met her at my Figure Skating camp two summers ago and she was so nice and a good sport meeting all the campers and being very friendly!

8. What are some of your goals, in general?

I would love to be an actor and to be in other music videos. I love performing and want to keep performing however I can. I want keep my good grades in school and my dream is going to Yale!

9. What are your goals as a skater?

I want to land my axel consistently and work on my jumps and spins! I want to finish all of my moves tests. For synchronized skating I want to go all the way to Senior and to go to worlds!