June 2022
Riot Control
"Riot Control" - 6/25/22
"It is physically impossible for you to become pregnant
Someone in my social oval felt prompted to point
As though that logistical fact in any way diffuses the
As if my inability to suffer equally (even terminally) as
Will across this great, broken nation could in any way
My concern, my frustration, my anger. Are we not all
Empathize, put ourselves in one another's shoes as
Of compassion, humanity, ethics? I have no trouble
The fact that - in my relative youth and beyond - I went
In the middle of the night as a rule to emergency
Loving partners in tow (no one night stands here) in
Of morning after (morning of) pills as no method is
What broke back then will break again the word over
Of my personal circumstance and so the "why do you
Subtext perceived from words meant to assure me
Becomes a flare for selfishness I try not to judge but
Is a continuum and if you believe as I always have any
Of us could be the other any sister, any cousin, brother
What does it matter my procreating abilities are over?
Does something have to affect someone personally
For it to "hit home" these days have we really become
Inhumane? Standing on the corner of my proverbial
I hold up a sign that clearly and unequivocally shouts
Is wrong!" And whether or not you choose to join my
If you love me at all you will acknowledge my
What does it mean to respect someone you love if not
What does it mean to protect someone you call
If not providing safe passage home when I look back
Was fraught with adults masking danger to the
Where, left to my own growing up, I raised myself
Than once from the ashes and was lifted by literal
To those in my life who asked the right questions but
Forced my answers - you know who you are - I say
Special prayer of gratitude, reminding myself, gently,
Is acquired through solidarity bravery is inspired by
So yes; my days of worrying about birth control are
But my nights, sleepless with worry of what
Away of fellow sisters' and LGBTQ+ and goddess
Who else's ability to steer our bodily destinies safely is
Beginning harnessing brainstorming communicating
Tear gas is supposedly a last resort to disperse unruly
Deemed unsafe to the general public or police
Is not supposed to be used unless absolutely
G-d bless Theocracy land that I love / stand beside
And guide her through the night with the light from
"Unfathomable" - 6/24/22
Today is a dark day for women in this country -
And all people - who believe in a woman's right
To her own bodily autonomy. It is also the first time
That a protected federal right is being taken away.
While it is by no means unexpected, it's all very
Handmaid's Tale, a devastating blow, and hard
Not to be woefully discouraged by this stunning turn
Of events. We must continue to stand up and have our
Voices heard, to protest, to vote - this issue will
Galvanize people across political divides. Young
Women will now be coming into fewer rights than their
Grandmothers, while women will once again suffer the
Consequences of illegal, unsafe and even deadly Procedures. It also is impossible not to be concerned
That this (13 state outright ban) may be "just the
Beginning"; contraception / gay marriage may be next.
Amidst this disturbing upheaval of 50 years of
Progress, I have never been prouder to be a New Yorker, and to know that - at least for now - my state is
A safe haven where women's bodily self-determination
Remains intact.
"Zeitgeist" - 6/17/22
I've been compared to Kate
Since my late teens
Back then, I only knew her as
(Apparently) a UK version of the me
I had yet to understand I would choose
To become
I was still coming out of my
Synth-nerd/ballerina shell still reeling
From school bullies and older men
Promising me career opportunities
While pressuring me to sit on
Their laps
My first awareness of Kate
Was via a high school friend I later found
Out was gay. We were at his house
He showed me a poster on his wall
She was wildly theatrical he said "She's
My goddess!"
Later my sophomore roommate played
"The Sensual World" and that was really
My first foray. Between her and Tori Amos
The comparison wars began. Then there was
Ani whose music I discovered through an ex-
These three artists' names have been a kind
Of aspiration tryptic barometers of how my own spirit
Must in some way be linked to particular
Feminine energies wide-ranging but similarly
Focused on seeing their musical missions through
To the hilt
By my 20's I began to understand that it wasn't
Sonics or structure but a kind of outsider-ness
A desire to embrace dynamics from the lowest
Lows to the furthest throes passion's impression
Reborn in the forms of strong, irrepressible women
That bound
People's perceptions of my "idiosyncratic" sound
To Kate (to Tori, to Ani). If I had to write a thesis
Today I might choose to study why some times
In history are ripe for Kate-surgences such as now
What is it about this moment and how can we
Celebrate most
Fittingly? There was that day when I lived a block from
Tower Records when I waited for 10 hours for a copy
Of The Red Shoes. I was a true fan by then, mainly
Because of Erin, the roommate who unabashedly
Pressed me to listen not to satisfy lazy comparisons
But with reverence
These months stage-flying with Imelda May have been
A kind of portal and with each generous compliment
She's given once again the reflection from someone I
Admire "you've got that Kate Bush thing" observations
Only matched in gratitude by the recognition that we
Women of eclecticism
Genre-averse avid with ambition advice-resistent
Must now and forever respect the undeniable pleasure
That comes once in a red mood from understanding
All at once how precious is the unbridled vision
In all its glory the Whole Story the willingness
To concede
That we can't always predict when times will be right
When the moon will be full in spite of the mainstream's Mastery at assessing every eventuality occasionally
Without warning the zeitgeist throws surprise parties
The most disarming thing re: Kate Bush's comeback =
Quirkiness trending
"Spain" - 6/9/22
My father worked in Spain for decades
This is the place he came back from
Like Jewish Santa Claus always prayed for
Always anticipated we'd sit on the steps
And hear his car gravel arrival he'd bring gifts
A doll, a sweater, a special candy made of almonds
I wrote my first pop song about him leaving for Spain
It was called "Please Don't Go" and was from
My mother's imagined perspective but work
Demanded the international commute and we
Got used to it and learned over time that sometimes
The biggest hugs, the widest smiles, the best rewards
Come to those who wait patiently and that parents
Are just people muddling their way through time
Zones imagined and literal trying not to drift off
During the ballet recital fresh from the flight home
From Alicante where my Dad ate Octopus and G-d
Knows what else traif galore faith has finally
Brought me to the place where you built your dream
And now, full-grown, I remember the time I was here
As a toddler the Fanta the sunshine the sea shells