April 2021
Un Sol Estupendo

"Un Sol Estupendo" - 4/28/21

I'm a shameless niña de papá and as I approach my half-decade mark
I see with absolutely shining clarity that I have my father's heart

I may have gotten my attention for detail from my mother,
Assured as she has always been of what is correct vs. off-kilter

And I may have a certain sensitivity similar to my sister
Whose admirable thoughtfulness I aim to emulate as ever

But when it comes to laughter, striving, living, thriving
When it comes to instinct, ancestry's reverence, imbibing

Each day with a holiness in spite of agnosticism's subversiveness
Prayer existing in the act of doing and debating and in playfulness

I try my best, day in and day out to imitate your spirit's lack of doubt
Your confidence is at the center of my universe and enables me to shout

"I am loved, I am known, I am understood!" from the top of my lungs
In every waking dream, in every poem writ, in every painting hung

Tonight as I wish with all my soul I could lift you out of one bed
Into another, softer, pillowy one where unbridled fun drowns dread

Where feathers fly into the air and trips we've taken fall effortlessly
Laid bare on the surfaces of our skin's loving touch, seamlessly

Reflecting a friendship so pure in its clarity, so sure in its bright blue hue
That sky is no match for the limitless power of a child's 'I love you'

I pray from the bottom of my acrostic being, lines beginning
And ending with the wax of hope's irrepressible re-sealing

That what ails you in your blood will find healing through your eyes
What prompts your weariness will be repaired with wisdom's prize

For you, my sweetest hero, more loving and patient than any other
Are the door through which both your daughters have discovered

Who we are, what we desire, why we are here, and what has become
Before we were born, before you were ours, our "El Jefe", our bright sun