November 2019
Winemaker - 11/15/19

I remember the first time I heard you play

It was like a chimney that had been hidden 
Behind a giant wall-sized painting
Was pilfered away and bless those thieves
Who collectively call themselves obscurity
For lifting that heavy scarlet curtain
I remember so clearly because my family was hurting
The night you took the stage - small, unassuming 
Though the venue was, it felt to me like the answer 
To the question "what is, what will be, what ever was?"
If that isn't large-scale, I don't know what breathes
I don't know what teases truth out of a group
Whispers loudly "I've got you" and grips, like a fever
The muscles in the mind, repeating shamelessly
"You are fruition, and I am the vine"
"Nostalgia" - 11/3/19
Today I broke bread with
A man on whom I had a crush
When he was a boy
At that time in my life
It was not in our cards 
For me to hold his attention
But still I had the good judgement
To know he was kind, funny and
Kindred and I'm sure in a fashion
Those qualities set the template
For at least a few beautiful galaxies
Into which I drifted eventually
Decades went by we fell out of touch
But he maintained a legendary status
In my family as among the first
Unresponsive suns I ever orbited
Heartbreaks from which art granted reprieve
Fears distilled from rejection's feckless grief
Reminiscing gleefully about fast times
And social climbs we never took
I listened lovingly to memories
Of our collective youth's ache
Reveling in idiosyncrasies
Nostalgia's natural light pouring in
Casting soft shadows on
Childhood limbs grasping
Desperately for some semblance of sin