October 2017
"Atlas" - 10/18/17
when someone cries for help
but then says you are not allowed to help
that is worse than being told "fuck off"
because you are basically being told
"I don't care enough about you to care about myself" or
maybe "I don't care enough about myself to care about you
is more accurate but whatever the case,
it's a numbing kind of "no way" "I've got this" "don't worry"
I would rather be told yes, in some form, yes I will let
you help me get through this impossible situation
so that possibility becomes something
genuine in which I can believe more than fleetingly
but psyches don't exist for each others' convenience
and love is not something you can mold like frosting
to do what you hope, even if all you want is to be the one
to bring hope to someone hopeless or food to someone
starving for answers they clearly do not have rock bottom's
not an option but chillingly this choice may not be mine