February 2017
"Pupil" - 2/14/17
I could fall in love with you in less than five minutes
Metaphorically speaking but for the fixed picket fence
Figure-eighted 'round your faith
Sometimes you leave your hands on the table
Mid-gesture, Italianishe-style as if Santa Claus 
Hand-modeled affable intimacy's always the least
Pretentious eyes smiling surreptitiously 
Knowing they have the upper glint
I look up sometimes at the hot lights
Shining directly in my eyes even though I've been told
They'll blind but nowadays I do it in your honor
Transferring dishonor from my minds eye into 
Irides where the damage can't be seen by anyone
Except me holy is the apple
Unpicked from Eden's tree
On Days Like Today

"On Days Like Today" - 1/29/17

On days like today I am reminded
That I live in a bubble, burst
That everything about myself has been
In one way or another a reaction
To the awareness of genocide 
From the tender age of five I was introduced
To the idea that human beings when left 
To the devices of their own hatred and ignorance
Can do terrible, Godless things
It was one of our official Holy Days like Hanukah
Or Christmas and to be a witness to remember 
To read and recover the memories and relics of this
Hate and stories of resistance were read by young and old
I was not protected from the horrors of the past 
Because of my age I was exposed to them precisely
So it would become second nature not only to empathize
But to realize unless we all paid attention and supported
Each others' collective humanity it could happen again
I have been teased by my own family members in the most 
Lighthearted way of course for my love-life being a United 
Nations of sorts like its a quirk or something that makes me
The exception to the rule of most of human nature
Smiling inside as I agree with the surface of this
Observation - having loved and lost Jewish, Muslim,
Chinese, Italian, Irish and otherwise - my romantic heart
Has always been an equal opportunity haven as much as a
Muscle with "no type" other than intelligence, talent,
Compassion, humor, sensitivity, strength, light
Where do they think I get this from? 
I wasn't raised in a vacuum
I have known from the age of five from being told as such
In a dimly lit temple, candles burning, hearts wailing,
That hatred's injustice does not discriminate 
That blood always runs red and it is from this heavy
Book of pluralism via pain that I humbly 
Made my heart's bed it's because of your genes I am
Legally blind it's because of your dreams 
I learned love has no eyes