December 2016
"Newsworthy" - 12/22/16
what is it about violence that grabs our attention
when cold's reverberations are equally abhorrent
all around this sycophantic city in every direction
people are freezing literally frozen to the sidewalk
immovable hungry suffering beyond what's fathomable
elements have always competed for humanity's affection
whether it be the fiery blast of war's (d)evolving technology
or the impervious mist of shoppers on a mission
glistening tears of a miserable sister shining in the sun
incriminating messianic mercy unfulfilled
predictably revered winter's fatuous wedding dress
binding us to our families chopping down nature recycling
wrapping ribbons abound indemnifying love urban cries drown
in disregard nobody's fault oursmineyours too rapt to admit
we are weather as much as any global debacle we are
weather as much as any political outcome we are
weather as much as every impending storm
weather as much as any oil spilling self-protection poison
everyday's well dismissal more nucleic, futile a missile than
striking a blow is becoming detached what is it about violence