May 2016

"Strings" - 5/10/16

Do you think we'd have been friends
If we hadn't been lovers?
Honestly, do you?
Is there enough about what I have to say
You find fascinating
Enough about my character
You find uplifting
Enough about my personality
Versus my body that rubs you right
To the point where you could sit
Across from me for hours
Wanting to know more
Or at least, to empathize?

I find myself wondering these things
Unwittingly as your eyes dart unconvincingly from
My face to your salad, seeming to search
For a beginning when all you are
Certain we have is history
I fear, my friend, that is the widest chasm
Between us I always wanted to know
Not only your body but the nape of your soul
So for me there will always be
That open window through which if you'd ever like
You may reach for understanding, authenticity, art
With no agenda and no embroidery strings attached
As much as I love to craft