February 2015

"Molecules" - 2/2/15

there are certain souls
who make you nervous in the most uncomfortably
alive kind of way where the molecules making up
everything you are sensing seem to be ignited
and hunger is suddenly another limb growing
like an amphibian breathing air underwater effortlessly

you are one of those souls
like it or not and I am witnessing my pulse race
from the audience like people who are about to die
attesting they've seen themselves from above
then fought their way back defying all logic feels like
being blindfolded by someone you trust recklessly

there are certain days
on which it's not apparent I should bother emerging from my cocoon
icy as the climate may be perpetually for expressing anticipation
yet in one millisecond of merciful infinity I've ascended not remotely reluctant
as close to a comet as I've dared to come, tethered as I've been to the misconception
that mining loss is more revelatory than dancing with calm

(you are one of those people who make me proud to be wrong)