May 2014

"Yellow" - 5/14/14

why do I love you?
why does the moon shine?
why do I miss kissing you?
is it because you never told me no?
why can't I sleep without hearing your voice?
is it because your voice, for me, became the sun?
why is it colder now that it's summer when all I envisioned
was adventure's embrace once winter was gone: igniting exquisiteness, forborne

why do I miss you?
why did you turn away?
why am I so confident this love is worth
such a shameless lack of pride?
why can't I entertain other affections without remorse?
is it because your eyes, for me, became my own life-force?
why are you closing them tighter with every day that passes
in a daze I wander through these fields of questions: power, longing, lust and magic

why do I crave you?
why would a lover ever lie?
why do I miss your eccentric flair
the unorthodoxy of your forgetful charm
why can't I stop imagining we've painted our bedroom
together in yellow to match your pajamas so there are no walls
between us only cheerful hopeful promising yellow the future is brighter

than any days past no need to count stars with the vastness of hope in our arms