August 2011
Scorpio Falling

"Scorpio Falling" - 8/20/11

the truth is right now
I have very little interest in knowing
what you think

that may sound cold but
trust me angel its the opposite
melting with openness

heat's memory searing
through me wailing one question
what do you feel

what do you feel not how are you
not what are you doing
not how was your day

I wonder from that sacred place
naive people call soul if you miss
my touch or if the prospect

of a single kiss seems as
ascendant to you as it does
to my fingertips aching

to trace your lips
and everything else I can't see anymore am I lost
what do you think

lust is a prison an albatross
I had wings for weeks I flew as a free
as dandelion fluff

now I'm wretched with thirst
my mantra almost rhymes with "enough"

oh love oh love oh love


"Insomnia" - 8/12/11

can't sleep

somewhere in the back of my mind

is an aching that stings

like a spiritual migraine

realizing suddenly as often as we've made love

you've never used the word and denial is a wasp

deafening church bells clanging oh goddess

misery help me breathe through this moment

of awe where I recognize I may be soul-alone

an ice sculpture dancing frozen

better left

to thaw


"engagement" - 8/3/11

the truth is
I have never stopped
imagining your presence

even this long after your
abrupt departure from
possibility's realm I am
still sifting through the insight
that never's at least as long
as infinity your word (not mine)

digging its claws in urging
me to take care of myself
fervently as a lightening flash

how much love does it take
to dampen adoration when
certainty's been smothering
is a question I'm incapable
of answering scared as I am
of my own lack of shadow

the moon ignores me nowadays
favoring lovers more amenable
to mutuality's gaze, infants open to