July 2010

"mikveh" - 7/18/10

resting my head against your chest
my whole being feels relieved
imagining this is how the tide must feel
each day rolls in and is once again
reunited with the land

the impossible happens all the time
yet still, somehow faithlessness is epidemic
in your arms, spools of shame
unravel into scarlet scarves
and nakedness becomes subjective

anemone lungs fill with trust
and traif-less tattoos subtitle
past lives on lipstick-stained skin
my breath craving your kisses
your courage vine-climbing

ivy snakes its way Dionysian
up this lattice of reckless
blissful elixir of discovery
resting my head against your chest

my whole being feels relieved.


"Telephone" - 7/12/10

what does it feel like
to have no regret
and brave as a beatnik to
disavow ambivalence?

what does it look like
to own one's own power
the way geishas conduct
symphonies with silence?

what does it feel like
to kiss future on the lips
head thrown back with
wildest abandon?

answers to these questions
singe the tip of my tongue
tingling with trust's novocaine
half-numb with risk's elixir

speaking would crush
what little reason's left
to breathe when faith lies

fragile as a robin's egg