May 2010

"Candle" - 5/4/10

I'm not sure
what to do
with this cryptonian
quality you have
weakens me in ways
I've long missed always
needing to be strong
exhausted by the future

but somehow in your
presence possibilities arise
the likes of which
I haven't seen in my mind's
eye time tears and I'm
scared to let myself be
myself with you in case
I lose my balance

beaming at me with
eyes I wish I could reconcile
with action instead I am
petrified with a fear as
bittersweet as passion
unfulfilled will I always
be the butterfly

if Shabbat was a groom
He might sound like you
subtle, calm
the way you beam now
in the dark you can't see
gossamer, wide-eyed
soap-bubbles floating

peacefully hoping free