August 2009

"Kitchen" - 8/26/09

the politics of hunger
parade through this empty space
invisible but venomous
crumbs of your attention
wash over me like waves
but I can't see your face
so flushed am I with rage

silence smells like red wine
intoxicating ivy's crazed climb
lattis squares waiting to be entwined
by something alive, warm, fair
fingers that trace
your passionless face (unaware)

love: a stainless steel appliance
hope: expectation to stay in my place
fear: the freedoms dangling like knives
hanging from mobiles above these satin sheets

my recklessness of expression
invades your shattered mind
irreconcilable and fierce
dividing the sea, like Moses' plea
wash over me oh Grace
without erasing strength's hot gaze
rushing like blood through my veins

it ends and begins again, this rhyme
provocatively shameful signs
truth-or-dares fading into ambition's drive
to own something gold, shining, high
fingers with bands
you're circling me even washing my hands

love: a need to know I exist
hope: provocation to utter this list
fear: the dreams abounding like stars

hanging from mobiles above my stomach's scars

"slate" - 8/31/09
slate blue
Tribeca sky gleams
with almost rain
reminding me of mortality
one car at a time
as I pause for breath
on this brick stoop
belonging to no one
I am at once as lonely
and loved as I could ever be
duality is a whisper
goddess golden gift
nostalgia deja vu-ing me
to a wakefulness only possessed
by the brilliant blinding lights
of "no regret"
the only prism
calming day down
long enough for this longing
a cerulean sunset