August 2007

"Static" - 8/10/07

tv's on
haven't written
in so long feels like I've
how to be

I used
to look for life between
lines I wrote myself for
only G-d knows why

what's happening
am I losing
the thread I've always had
isn't love supposed
to open you


The Road

"The Road" - 8/3/2007

can crystal ball already
this won't work easily
though admittedly I've feared
you'd prophesy so

can sense it like icicles
stabbing through my eyes
the blinding-waiting for
love's lung to let go

you wrote you adored
me in rivers of words
(and once left a message
if memory serves)

you never say nothin'
can actually be heard
as though speaking aloud
might torture slow-boil

what tongues can't taste
too many more nights
so I'll lie here and starve
hungry girl you guess I am

and I've let
you believe
even though
I'm much more


since you asked

"since you asked" - 8/1/07

5 essential things I believe:

I believe that when a baby first cries
it's because it knows another baby's dying

I believe that first love is sacred and shapes
who you are for the rest of your life

I believe that the soul is G-d's way
of traveling everywhere at once; and that it has no sex

I believe that the point of existence
is to share what you have with others who don't have it

And that art is the place where Beauty
Intersects with Truth (which is often Ugliness)