July 2007

"bells" - 7/22/07

this phase doesn't
last forever
so screw it
gonna enjoy it

gonna be somebody
grosses other people out
in subway cars all over
each other shamelessly

promise me you'll keep making
cookies you always will I'm
assuming for no specific
reason but why can't I pretend

c'est seulement pour moi
silently worrying I don't
cook quite as well (at all really)
but hey maybe that's fine

'cause this verse is sweetish
and you'll lure me back
to the bed hasn't
bothered to remake itself

since the last time we left
it imagining I'm someone
passion unravels
underneath me will be

someone so good for you
just haven't found her yet
she's so mysterious
patiently waiting for old

knells to ring false