August 2005
To Life

"To Life" - 8/14/05

you don't know
me but I've met
you twice and
in my darkest hour
your music saved
me from my anger

from giving up
from losing heart
from doubt's despair
so the tears
of hope's happiness
that flooded my heart

when I heard, after all,
you would be alright
will never dry and always
like softest satin will
stay stained precious
soulful and sacred

for all of us who've danced
mystically with your spirit muse
as as our curtain call
thank G-d you are so
strikingly strong, unbroken
though shaken

thank G-d you'll be as loved
as the light you've long showered
look how it becomes
your boomerang now
bouquets of song-stories
blessing you and your beloved

as these days go by
rest your voice peace
quiet cape kissing
brave shoulders
breathe and

be loved