January 2004
ginseng tea

"ginseng tea" - 1/20/04

what does it mean
when drinking farewell
is more aphrodisiac
than the next greeting

still the addiction
mirrors breath's need
to indulge in everything
death would deny

her face, a candle
her lips, once truthful
now ache with white lying
across shaming distance

each petal of moonlight's
hear me...hear me not
the voice of hope's strangler
echoing in shadow

"what for" is a question
useless to the shaman
(equally mistaken
by most men for wisdom)

as women
more tidal
mine less

of doubt's ore


"knowing" - 1/12/04

that ambivalence eventually
breaks through walls
wise thieves would
dread to down

become their own
kind of crazy
feckless freedom fighters

because no matter how
this chapter rests
the rhythm exists
in all of


of benevolence ritually
taking great falls
like sacred breaths
of weeping trees

are their own
winding reward
shameless dancing misers


that intolerance mysteriously
shakes off dust
with time's permission
as winter leaves

accept their fall
blindly following paths

forged with wind